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Testing Center Services


  • Mondays to Sundays: 8:00am-12:40pm; 1:00pm-4:40pm 

  • Public Holiday: Closed 

Macao IELTS Testing Center 

As an authorized testing centre by British Council, Gallant offers IELTS on computer test since 2021. The tests include IELTS Academic & General Training and IELTS for UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI). (IELTS for UKVI will be available from May 2022.)


IELTS, the International English Language Testing System, is designed to assess the language ability of candidates who need to study or work where English is the language of communication. IELTS is recognised by universities and employers in many countries including New Zealand, Australia, Canada, the UK and the USA. It is also recognised by professional bodies, immigration authorities and other government agencies.


IELTS offers below test formats:

  • The Academic format - If you want to study at university or work in an English speaking country, you will need to take IELTS Academic Test.

  • The General Training format - Take IELTS General Training test to study at below degree level, work in an English speaking country or your own country and emigrate to an English speaking country.

  • IELTS for UK visas and immigration (UKVI) - If you are looking to work or study in UK, you may need to apply for a UK Visa and demonstrate that you have met the required level of English by taking a Home Office approved Secure English Language Test (SELT), such as IELTS for UKVI (Academic and General Training) or IELTS Life Skills.


Any difference in test format between IELTS and IELTS for UKVI?
IELTS and IELTS for UKVI are the same in terms of format, content, scoring and level of difficulty. However, the Test Report Form which contains your results is slightly different to show that you have taken the test at an official IELTS for UKVI location, which is approved by the UK Home Office.

Notices about Exam Registration and Candidate Regulations:


Applying for the IELTS Test

  • Applications are now completed online through British Council website.

  • There are 3 stages to booking the IELTS test:

    • Check the availability and select your test date (you will need to select a separate test timeslot for your Speaking test)

    • Create an account with the British Council

    • Book and pay

  • Applications close two days before the test date or earlier if all available seats are sold. To apply for the IELTS test you must prepare your personal info. Macao citizen may use the government-issued ID card; for other test takers who are required to use their passports.


Your identity documents

  • IELTS test centre staff will check your identity upon your arrival, the documents you received when you registered for the test will confirm which ID you’ll need. If you arrive without the correct ID you will not be able to take the test.

  • As an additional security measure, IELTS staff will take a photograph of you before you sit the test. This photo will be used on your Test Report Form.

  • In Macao test centre, you may also be asked to provide a finger scan.


At the end of the test

  • Remain in your seat until you have the invigilator’s permission to leave the test room.

  • If you believe that your performance may have been affected by any issues, inform the invigilator straight away.


Prepare for your IELTS Test


Arriving for your IELTS test

  • Make sure you’ve read and understood IELTS test terms and conditions as they contain important information about your test day. These can be found in the Test Takers Information part of your application form.

  • If you arrive late to your IELTS test, you might not be allowed to participate.

  • Turn off your mobile and any other electronic devices. These will be kept outside of the test room along with other personal belongings.

  • The Listening, Reading and Writing tests take 2 hours 40 minutes. Please note that there will be no breaks during the tests.

  • You cannot bring food or drink into the test room – with the exception of water in a transparent bottle. Make sure that you have something substantial to eat before your test.


During your test

  • Follow these rules when sitting your IELTS test:

    • If you need to use the toilet during the test, put your hand up to attract the invigilator’s attention and don’t disturb other test takers.

    • Raise your hand to attract the invigilator’s attention if you want to ask a question during the test.

    • When it’s time to take the Listening test, check that you can hear the recording clearly. If you can’t, raise your hand and inform the invigilator.

    • After the Listening section, you will have 10 minutes to fill in the answer sheet. However, you will not have 10 minutes after the Reading section, so be sure to write your answers on your answer sheet when completing each section.


IELTS Test Results

  • Result will be released on Test Taker Portal in 5 days after test day and the test report form (TRF) will be dispatched from Hong Kong every Fridays. You will receive only one copy of your test result, but you can apply for additional copies.


Opening hours on the test day

  • Mondays to Sundays: 8:00am-12:40pm; 1:00pm-4:40pm

  • Public Holiday: Closed


Contact information

British Council customer service of IELTS:

Test Centre Details:

  • Address: Alameda Dr. Carlos d'Assumpcao, no.180, Tong Nam Ah Central Comercio 18EF, Macau

  • Tel: +853 8290 7600

  • Email:

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