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Microsoft Dynamics 365


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance

Drive strategic financial decisions with AI

  • Close books faster and simplify global financial management with in-depth reporting capabilities, financial intelligence, and embedded real-time analytics. 

  • Increase profits and improve cashflow with machine learning predictive recommendations and proactive guidance for timely customer payments.

Unify and automate your financial processes

  • Get more done with role-based workspaces, Office 365 integration, and predictive insights that let you automate and prioritize fiscal tasks.

  • Customize documents such as invoices and statements to easily adapt to changing business requirements.

Reduce operational expenses

  • Run your business more efficiently across business geographies with financial process automation, encumbrance, budget control, and financial planning and analysis.

Decrease global financial complexity and risk

  • Easily adjust to changing global financial requirements using a flexible, guided, rules-based chart of accounts and dimensions. 

  • Meet local and global business requirements, improve governance, reduce risks, and ensure compliance across 37 countries and 42 languages out-of-the-box. 

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