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Microsoft Dynamics 365


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

Sell smarter with contextual insights 

  • Improve conversion and win rates with lead and opportunity scoring. 

  • Improve response rates. 

  • Show how customers react with contextual insights. 

​Build relationships with personal engagement

  • Unify relationship data and processes with LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration. 

  • Get profiles and insights, including related leads. 

  • See the customer’s point of view and improve sales engagement.

​Free up more time for selling

  • Minimize routine tasks with contextual prompts that, as sellers enter notes, suggest new records to create.

  • Concentrate on selling with sales playbooks that contain repeatable, winning sales techniques and contextual reference materials.

  • Spend less time searching for content with modern sales enablement capabilities

Boost sales productivity  

  • Improve coordination between sales and marketing with cross-team visibility. 

  • Minimize manual data entry by scanning and converting business cards into new records in Dynamics 365.

  • Collaborate on deals across functions and geography with customer information and document sharing



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